Surrey Deserves More

Surrey is the city that will drive BC’s future prosperity. It is the province’s youngest city and one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. But investment in health services have lagged behind population growth. Specialized services are lacking.

Did You Know?

  • Surrey is the only large city in Canada that does not have a Cardiac Catheterization Lab (a “Cath Lab”). A Cath Lab is a specialized care area that allows cardiologists to perform tests and procedures that open up arteries during a heart attack and prevent future heart attacks from occurring.
  • There is no Cath Lab available in any city south of the Fraser River. This means that residents of Surrey, despite it being a regional hub of health care, are subject to traffic patterns and bridge access in order to receive care for one of the leading causes of sudden death.
  • BC Ambulance statistics for 2021 show that 1,376 patients were transferred from Surrey Memorial Hospital to other cities for care. The top three reasons for transfer were heart, stroke and pediatric specialty care.
  • Every year, Surrey Memorial’s ER doctors care for over 1,800 patients with heart attacks
  • Without a Cath Lab in Surrey, patients are subject to delays in care and poorer health outcomes, which in the worse-case scenario means death.

Together, We Are Unstoppable

Even though we have a long way to go to provide better, life-changing health care for our city, we know that, together, we can get there. We’ve seen time and time again what happens when there’s a plan to move forward—the community rallies together and becomes an unstoppable force of change.

When we work together: