In celebration of Chinese New Year, Surrey Hospitals Foundation is introducing a children’s colouring contest with the theme of “Year of the Tiger”. Champ, our little tiger, needs your help to dress him up to celebrate his first Chinese New Year! Download the colouring sheet here.


  • Contest is open to children ages 4 to 12
  • Limit one entry per child
  • Entries will be judged by Surrey Hospitals Foundation staff based on creativity and colouring skill
  • Two winners from each age group (Group 1: ages 4-7, Group 2: ages 8-12) will receive a prize
  • Entries must be submitted no later than February 1, 2022 by email


Take a picture of your colouring sheet and email it to Alice at with subject line “Champ the Tiger”. Please include your phone number in the email. Two winners from each group will be selected on February 3, 2022 and announced on this page on February 4, 2022. It will also be posted on our Facebook and Instagram. We encourage you to share your entry on social and tag @SurreyHospitalsFoundation!

Winners will be contacted by phone. Prizes can be picked up or mailed on the week of February 7th, 2022.
Thank you for your participation and have fun!


農曆新年即將到來,素里醫院基金會推出以虎年為主題的兒童填色比賽,為這個節日拉開序幕。 歡迎您與有孩子的家人、朋友、同事或鄰居分享這個充滿樂趣的機會。我們在彩頁上的小老虎叫做Champ。 他需要你的幫助來打扮他來慶祝他的第一個農曆新年。請在此處下載填色表.


  • 比賽開放給4 至 12 歲的兒童參加。
  • 每位兒童限參加一次。
  • 參賽作品將由素里醫院基金會員工據該年齡段的創造力和著色技巧進行評判。
  • 每個年齡組(第一組: 4-7 歲、第二組: 8-12 歲)的兩名獲勝者將獲得豐富獎品。
  • 參賽作品必須在 2022 年 2 月 1 日之前通過電子郵件遞交。


為您的填色表拍照並通過電子郵件將填色表發送至給Alice,主題行請寫“Champ the Tiger”。 請附上您的電話號碼, 方便我們有任何問題聯絡你。

在2022 年 2 月 3 日, 我們將從每個組別中選出兩名獲勝者,並於 2 月 4 日在基金會網站上公佈。我們也會發佈在我們的社交媒體平台FacebookInstagram上 。 我們鼓勵您把作品在我們的社交媒體平台上分享(請標籤SurreyHospitalsFoundation)!

基金會員工將通過電話聯繫獲獎者。 獎品可在 2022 年 2 月 7 日那一周領取或郵寄。