Our Values


Partnering with our donors and the community to support equitable and exceptional care in Surrey hospitals.


Transforming care for residents South of the Fraser through providing excellent hospital care.

Supporting us, means supporting our health care professionals. Supporting us, means supporting your friends and neighbours and family members who need us.


Health care services in Surrey are primarily financed by government and through funds raised by Surrey Hospitals Foundation. In fact, we are the largest non-government funder of health care for families in Surrey. Our work is essential, and critical to the health of our hospitals and the health of the 1.9 million residents who reside in the Fraser Health region.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we are able to help fund every one of our region’s major health facilities including Surrey Memorial Hospital, Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre. We support and fund the Czorny Alzheimer Centre, along with many specialized community programs for newborns, children, adults and seniors. Our Surrey health care campus provides health care for your whole family, from birth to end-of-life. Because you care, we are able to recruit top medical professionals. Hire the very best support staff. Purchase and operate state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment. And build and maintain modern facilities.

We are unstoppable in our determination to inspire and encourage our community to support innovative medicine and life-changing care, raising over $200 million since we were founded.



We are a close group of dedicated individuals, relentless in our passion to raise funds and implement positive changes that support our hospitals, our medical professionals and the people in our communities.

Recently, the SHF team and Board of Directors developed a strategic plan overview spanning from 2023 to 2026. Read the overview here.

Our Facilities

Surrey Hospitals Foundation is proud to support major health care facilities in the region, including Surrey Memorial Hospital, Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre, Czorny Alzheimer Centre, and more.


Surrey Hospitals Foundation is committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Working with our Board of Directors, the Foundation ensures effective stewardship of our donors’ contributions, while achieving results that are defined by their positive impact on our community.


Over the past 32 years, together we have raised over $200 million that is working directly to enhance health care in Surrey. Our fundraising costs average 14 per cent over the last 5 years. 


So much good happens when we work together. Because together, we are an unstoppable force for life-changing health care.

2022 – 2023


Some of the capital equipment funded this year include: a Lymphedema Microscope, an Azurion for the Interventional Radiology Suite, Cryoblation and Ablation machines, Cataract Extract units, a Retinal Vitrectomy Machine, a Spinal Navigation Table, three Infant Warmers, and three Ultrasound Machines. Among others, two major projects were funded this year: our Children’s Health Campaign, and the equipping of our new Interventional Radiology Suite.

Highlight – Azurion image-guided therapy system:
The Azurion system in our Interventional Radiology Suite allows our healthcare professionals to perform both routine and complex procedures with ease and confidence. It produces a variety of cutting-edge, high-quality images and 3D visualizations with low doses of X-rays. The results of this piece of equipment are faster procedure times and overall better outcomes for patients.


Some of the research studies and grants funded this year include: ongoing research related to COVID-19, the Dr. Tom Godwin Lectureship, the BMO Nursing Grant, the Neuro Research Award, research for smoking cessation at our Lung Clinic, and cardiology education.

Highlight – Ongoing COVID-19 Research
As the busiest COVID-19 hospital in British Columbia, Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH) was particularly challenged. Not only did SMH’s medical teams have enormous experience, they were also very successful and had among the best COVID-19 survival outcomes in the world. With their success, they recognized that they had a critical role and responsibility to conduct research and find solutions.

SMH has come into its own as a large academic centre with one of the largest hospital volumes in BC. Prior to the Foundation’s investment, the research teams at SMH and Long Term Care for Fraser Health had only one team member each. Today, the unit consists of 17 researchers, including student research assistants and coordinators. The team’s ongoing studies include looking at the impact on Long Term Care after COVID-19.


Some of the patient comfort items and other items and programs funded this year include: journals and other therapy items for SMH’s youth mental health programs, recliners to support families in the Family Birthing Unit, ongoing funding for the NICU Music Therapy program, and various essential items for the Necessities of Life fund.

Highlight – Music Therapy in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
In an environment that can feel sterile, unfamiliar, and scary, music therapy can often bring a sense of nurturing, possibility and wellness. It can also help foster connections between babies, parents, family members and healthcare staff; and improve the quality of life for the premature baby patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Thanks to Foundation donors, back in 2018, Surrey Memorial Hospital was the first in the province to introduce music therapy in its NICU. Since then, the program has continued to comfort babies and their families.




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