For Dale Lutz and Don Murray, giving back to the place they call home goes without question.

Lutz and Murray are the co-founders of Safe Software, which began as a start-up in a Whalley basement. It is now one of BC’s largest software companies.

Several years ago, Dale’s teenager became ill and required treatment only available in Vancouver at the time. He recalls how the extra travel put more stress on an already trying situation. “It’s stressful when you have a sick child,” Lutz said. “But then to throw on top of that an additional commute, especially when you have other kids at home you’re looking after: it’s exhausting.”

In 2018, Safe Software supported the community with a $1 million donation to Surrey Hospital Foundation. This gift kicked off the $6 million fundraising campaign to transform the Children’s Health Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Since the Children’s Health Centre was built in 2001, Surrey’s population has increased over 50%, yet the footprint of the Centre has not. The transformation project will allow for more rooms for outpatient clinics, a dedicated space for children pre and post-surgery and a comfortable family waiting area with a nourishment centre.

“Being a part of something to help people in Surrey really appealed to Don and I and our families,” said Lutz.