As 27 million Sikhs around the world prepare for the 550th celebrations surrounding the birth of Guru Nanak, the founder of their faith, Surrey’s Hans family are planning a unique birthday celebration in his name to help sick children at Surrey Memorial Hospital.  Inspired by the success of online fundraising campaigns they had supported in the past, their family created a fundraising page to support Surrey Hospital Foundation’s Children’s Health Centre renewal campaign. Bob Hans and his family have made the first donation, a whopping $125,000!

The campaign launches on September 18th, 55 days prior to Gurpurab, to align with the 550th birthday celebrations being hosted across the globe. The Hans family has chosen to use an online fundraising page so the campaign may be easily accessible for all to participate, regardless of their location.

“We know the children in our community need more medical services closer to home,” says Bob Hans. “Guru Nanak emphasized the importance of equality of mankind. With this in mind, our family wanted to host a fundraiser that was available to everyone. Using this online format allows anyone, anywhere, to give what they are able. We hope our donation motivates our community, both local and international, to support health care for the children in Surrey. It is our hope and appeal to the community that our gift be matched or exceeded by pooling donations from the entire community.”

“We think it’s fabulous that the Hans Family is using this conventional online fundraising tool in a new way,” says Jane Adams, President & CEO, Surrey Hospital Foundation. “Traditionally these pages are used for birthday parties and other smaller celebrations. We are inspired by their innovative use of this technology and their generous gift to help improve health care for Surrey’s children.”

The Hans Family fundraising page will be available at this link from September 18th to November 13th, 2019.

Thank you, Hans Family, for finding a unique and fun way to celebrate Gurpurab while supporting our Children’s Health Centre campaign!