Krystele and Delwyn were filled with joy when they had their healthy baby boy, Troy James Chavez who was born on July 24th,2018 at 27 weeks and weighed 12.05 grams.

Becoming first time parents, they were excited as they were expecting twins and went for a milestone ultrasound checkup, however the doctors weren’t able to locate the heart beat on one of the twins. After carrying twins for 7 months and 5 days, Krystele was rushed to the hospital and an emergency C section was done and gave birth. Unfortunately, one twin didn’t make it.

Although there was sadness and grief for the loss of one of their twins, Krystele and Delwyn remained hopeful and faithful for their son Troy James, and cherished the beautiful memories they had when they were expecting twins.

Born prematurely, Troy James was taken care of by our specialized Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) team. Within 72 days of being treated, he was finally able to go home with his parents and become cord-free!

Now at 1- years old, Troy James is now healthy and strong and growing bigger each day. In appreciation for the care and support, him and his family are donating $500 to the NICU.