A child’s diagnosis of cancer comes with so many fears and uncertainties for parents and children alike. That’s why one mom, Aman, is so grateful for the compassionate care her little boy Tejas received at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

The two-year old was diagnosed with B-cell leukemia in May of 2021 after a period of feeling tired and uninterested in eating. He soon began chemotherapy and underwent surgery to repair a hole that formed in his intestine. For Aman, this stressful time in their lives was eased by the welcoming Surrey Memorial Hospital staff and the relaxed atmosphere they created. Aman appreciated how carefully they listened to her and how easy it was to get in touch with Tejas’ doctor whenever she needed to. As for Tejas, he loved the toys staff would bring in for him to play with.

Today, Tejas returns regularly for bloodwork and continues to work with physiotherapists and speech pathologists. Aman is proud to report that he has started walking and speaking! She is truly grateful for the way donor support fuels remarkable care at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

The Foundation, with donor support, started the oncology unit 20 years ago, when the number of new childhood cancer diagnoses were increasing in Surrey. The Foundation was able to pay the salary of the first pediatric oncologist for 2 years. The response from the community was so overwhelmingly positive that the hospital began to provide ongoing funding for the role. More recently, our generous donor, Dr. Peter Chung and his family, donated $1 million to renovate the oncology unit, now called the Joseph Chung Pediatric Oncology Unit.