The dedicated caregivers and staff at Czorny Alzheimer Centre are always looking for ways to improve the environment at Czorny while also pushing for new and innovative ways to provide wholistic, human-centered care. One of the great ideas they recently had was to convert one of their spaces into an old-fashioned bakery. Such an environment would create therapeutic activity for residents of varying levels of function that can be done with caregivers as well as with visiting family members. Imagine a space where residents could shop for freshly baked goods, or even take unfinished goods back to their cottage to bake with others. Even the sights and smells of the bakery could provide a sense of comfort for those walking by.


The Bakery Concept

As mentioned above, the bakery experience would include an area for residents to pick up baked goods as well as partially-finished items that can be completed as an activity by the resident and a caregiver or family member. The bakery would also house a baking program where Recreation Therapy staff and volunteers can engage with residents in making assorted baked goods like bread, cinnamon buns, and pastries.

bakery activity idea for the residents


How you can help

Donate today and help us fund this innovative new project. Thanks to the generosity of the Stewart Family, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, to help make this bakery a reality. Your gift will help with the store-front renovations, electrical upgrades, décor, and the purchase of kitchen and baking equipment as well as display cases for the baked goods. When making a donation online, simply choose to direct your gift to “Czorny Alzheimer Centre” and your gift will be allocated accordingly to this project.

Building an on-site bakery in a residential care setting is a unique and creative endeavour for the Czorny Alzheimer Centre. We hope you’ll support the cause.


For more information about this project or about making a donation, please call:

Don Hickling
Surrey Hospitals Foundation