Photo: Bev Ruttan, with her son Lee

A mother’s enduring love for a son who struggled with mental illness will have a lasting impact on young people and families receiving care in Surrey Memorial Hospital’s Cloverdale Paint Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Stabilization Unit (CAPSU).

Listening to the radio in 2016, Bev heard that the hospital was building CAPSU to provide much needed urgent care for children and teens in mental health crisis. She immediately saw a way honouring the memory of her son Lee, who died in 2008 at the young age of 39.  

Bev decided to change her Will to leave a portion of her estate to Surrey Hospital Foundation in support of children’s mental health care.

Having supported Lee through his battle with depression, Bev took comfort in knowing that her contribution would help other children receive much-needed mental health care.

She saw her gift as “a tribute to a wonderful son” that could potentially help other families from suffering the loss of child to mental illness.

Sadly, Bev passed away earlier this year. Thanks to her decision to include Surrey Hospital Foundation in her Will, she is leaving a legacy of enhanced mental health care for children and families in CAPSU.

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