Our team recently had the pleasure of meeting baby Kai Nguyen and his loving parents, Jennifer and Jimmy.

Kai was born at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, but transferred to NICU at Surrey Memorial shortly after birth. Kai was born with a serious brain bleed on the left side of his brain. Still recovering from an intense labour and emergency C-section, Jennifer was unable to join Kai and Jimmy here in Surrey until 24 hours later, but she knew he had been taken to the best local team to care for his serious condition. The following day Jennifer joined her family here at Surrey Memorial, where she and Jimmy stayed in the Ronald McDonald House.

Our specialized NICU team cared for Kai for two weeks after his birth. This time brought a lot of uncertainty for little Kai. He was at risk for very serious complications. Jennifer and Jimmy were faced with the very possible realization that their son may not be able to breathe on his own, or eat, hear or see. Kai was at risk for cerebral palsy, and other complications. They were prepared for a number of serious diagnoses.

But Kai fought these possible challenges. One at a time, the diagnoses were removed. He breastfed like a champion, he feeds himself and he babbles like other curious 10 month olds. He can see and hear. While other challenges remain uncertain for Kai, whose left-side brain injury is irreversible, his parents remain hopeful that he continues to bust through any other possible diagnoses as he ages.

In thanks for the tremendous care Kai received, Jennifer and Jimmy presented $500 to Surrey Hospital Foundation to benefit the NICU here at Surrey Memorial.