Surrey Hospitals Foundation is committed to supporting excellent and equitable care for our communities south of the Fraser River and we celebrate today’s announcement from Premier David Eby and Minister of Health Adrian Dix on the approval of the business plan for expanding renal hemodialysis (kidney) services at Surrey Memorial Hospital. This marks a significant milestone in enhancing our ability to provide essential care to patients with kidney conditions.

“By investing in renal care facilities like the upcoming unit at Surrey Memorial Hospital, we are not simply addressing ailments – we are offering hope, comfort, and a higher quality of life to individuals in our community who depend on these life-sustaining treatments,” says Nicole Robson, President and CEO of Surrey Hospitals Foundation.

With plans to start construction in August 2024 and open in 2025, the kidney care unit will have 21 new renal hemodialysis stations, bringing the total to 60 at Surrey Memorial Hospital. The unit will complement existing in-hospital renal units and integrate state-of-the-art equipment to ensure optimal care delivery, enabling the hospital to help more patients and lessen wait times.

The Foundation is proud to have worked with the community to contribute $1 million towards this critical expansion. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our donors, whose support is instrumental in making this important initiative a reality for our community. Together with the community, Foundation, government and Fraser Health Authority, this is a $85 million investment in specialized care for those in our region and beyond.

As construction progresses and the vision becomes reality, the new unit is a beacon of hope for life-changing care. Together, we are unstoppable!