When looking for the definition of a fascinating life, look no further than Surrey’s Pat LaVac. Now in her mid-nineties, Pat has extraordinary stories to tell, starting with the tragic death of her diabetic mother before the discovery of insulin.

Six-month-old Pat was sent to live with an uncle and aunt in the Duke of Norfolk’s Arundel Castle.  Her uncle was the carpenter for the large estate. It was a fairy-tale childhood steeped in history, music and literature. But WWII brought a tidal wave of change to 15-year-old Pat’s world. Food coupons, clothing stamps, petrol rationing and gas masks became the norm.

Pat soon trained as an electrician for the Air Ministry and met the love of her life, the dashing Gerry LaVac, at a Canadian air force base. Each week Pat waited in agony for Gerry to come back from night missions over France and Germany. His was one of only two planes from his original squadron that survived the war.

Pat and Gerry married in Canada and lived in Vancouver for over 30 years before moving to Surrey in 1980, where two of their three daughters also live. Pat feels her whole family has received excellent medical care at Surrey Memorial Hospital, including her grandchildren who were born there.

Sadly, Gerry passed away from cancer in 2000 at the age of 82. But Pat is still living life to its fullest, and still carries on a childhood tradition by organizing an annual Christmas play with her fellow residents in the seniors’ supportive living residence where she now lives.

In appreciation for the great care that the whole family has received over many years at Surrey Memorial, Pat decided to become a monthly donor in 2003. And recently, she also updated her Will to include a gift to Surrey Hospital Foundation.  “I’ve always had great nursing care at Surrey Memorial,” claims Pat.

Like Pat, you too can align your legacy of caring and support by including a gift to Surrey Hospital Foundation in your Will. It’s easy to do and will help advance health care for future generations.