A big thank you to everyone who supported the 93.1 RED FM Gurupurab Radiothon on November 3. In only one day, we raised $625,000 for cardiac care in the Coronary Care Unit at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Thanks to RED FM’s generous support, all of the donations from listeners go directly to the Foundation in support of innovative equipment and patient/family education in the Coronary Care Unit.

When we have reached the target of $1 million, the unit will be renamed the Sarbat Coronary Care Unit. Sarbat means “equality for all,” reflecting its role in serving patients from Surrey and the surrounding communities in need of critical care for serious heart problems, including heart attacks.

Every year, thousands of patients are impacted by the generosity of the South Asian community. Since the first Radiothon in 2007, donations have been invested in programs that serve all local families, including the busy Emergency Department, the Family Birthing Unit, the Stroke Unit and the Kidney Centre.