Adults in Surrey who are seeking urgent support for a mental health or substance use challenge can now easily access this care at BC’s first-ever urgent care response centre. Located next to Surrey Memorial Hospital, this Centre will allow care providers to immediately match patients with specialty services.

The Surrey Mental Health & Substance Use Urgent Care Response Centre will be open 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, from 7:30 am – 11:30 pm.

Ensuring the comfort of all patients accessing this care was an important part of the design of this Centre. The project planning team met with more than 20 different groups/stakeholders to ensure unique needs were considered. Special features as a result of these meetings included:

*nature-inspired interior design with private spaces for clients and their families while they wait to receive care;
*group room available for healing circles, smudging ceremonies and drumming;
*laundry and shower services, as well as light snacks available onsite to support patients with basic comfort needs to help them stabilize.

A Surrey Hospital Foundation donor had the pleasure of supporting a very special part of the project. Welcoming, nature-inspired artwork was purchased, including the works of local artist, Trenton Pierre.

Trenton, who is from Katzie First Nations, says he was inspired by his two grandmothers during this project. One of his grandmothers died from suicide and the other was killed by a drunk driver. If a centre such as this was available in their time, he feels the resources may have been able to help. Trenton’s beautiful designs each tell a story. The mama bear and her cubs were created with his own mother in mind – her fierce loyalty and providing for her children no matter the circumstance; the hummingbirds because they are the only bird that can fly backward – they are unique, just like each and every patient who walks into the centre seeking care and change.

Our generous donor also funded a comfort room at the centre, a calming space that can de-escalate intense feelings and enhance a patient’s coping ability. In addition, a resource kiosk was provided for patients and their families. This online library contains information about mental health and substance use topics, where users can search for information and then print out details right at the kiosk.

Our donors are making a difference in the lives of many. We are thrilled to have supported this innovative, welcoming space that will be a comfort to many of our community members in crisis.