We are excited to share with you this insightful Spotlight Interview featuring Dr. Francis Zih, Co-Head of Surgery at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Dr. Zih speaks about some of the most common cancers in the Chinese community, particularly stomach and colon cancers.

This interview is presented in Cantonese and Chinese subtitles. We hope you enjoy!

素里医院基金会很高兴与您分享这次的主角系列访问。我们的主角是素里纪念医院外科共同主任 Dr. Francis Zih ,席医生。 席医生谈到了华人社区中一些最常见的癌症,尤其是胃癌和结肠癌。

本次访问以粤语呈现,並配中文字幕。 我们希望您喜欢!谢谢!