Golf tournaments are a mainstay of business networking. But for Surrey Memorial Hospital, golf tournaments are so much more.

In 2019, our long-time supporter, EllisDon, paired up with C&S Group to hold a successful golf tournament. All of the proceeds were used to purchase equipment for rehabilitation patients. Then COVID-19 hit.

One of these new equipment pieces was the Sara Combilizer. This quickly became invaluable to COVID-19 patients in ICU. The Combilizer supports patients who cannot move, but benefit from being upright and having a change in their position. It offers pressure relief, the ability for their body to be positioned upright, and interact with staff. It also helps shift and clear mucous in the lungs, making breathing easier. It helps in the fight against COVID-19.

The support of donors has an impact on both the immediate needs of the hospital, as well as future health care needs. Charitable events have the ability to save lives. We look forward to the day when COVID-19 subsides and events can safely take place once again.