Thanks to the pediatric laparoscopic surgical equipment that you helped to purchase, more children will be able to receive “keyhole” surgery.  This less invasive surgery means that our general surgeons can treat some children in only one day, avoiding a hospital stay.

In speaking with Dr. Kuan Chuah and one of his surgical nursing assistants, Ysabelle, a comment was made about the impact being felt thanks to the arrival of this equipment. Before this method was available, children often stayed in the hospital for two nights

Approximately 50 per cent of the general surgeries performed each year on children at SMH will now be carried out using the pediatric laparoscope, enhancing care for up to 75 children and families.

The general surgery team is already putting this equipment to good use, helping to rapidly diagnose a young boy suspected of having gastrointestinal cancer earlier this year. With minimal discomfort for the patient, the surgeon used the laparoscope and camera for exploratory surgery. The laparascope provided a a 360-degree view of the area in question and helped speed up diagnosis and treatment.

In the past, exploratory surgery was highly invasive resulting large incisions and long recovery times. Thankfully, cancers of this type are uncommon in children, however, surgeons are grateful to know that this very quick, minimally invasive and effective examination method is available to them.

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