McQuarrie Hunter LLP are loyal donors to Surrey Memorial Hospital since 1992.  They believe that by supporting their regional hospital, they are supporting their community.  Their most recent gift is an inspiring $75,000 towards child mental health.

“Mental health problems can impact every family. The need for specialized mental health services is especially important in the communities south of the Fraser, where we have so many young people,” said Tako van Popta, managing partner at McQuarrie Hunter. “As a Surrey-based firm, we believe it’s important to support the health care services needed by our clients and their families.”

Jacy Wingson is a Partner at Mc Quarrie Hunter, and a long standing member of our Board of Directors (since 1997).  This December, Jacy was awarded the Queen’s Councel (QL), an honorary title for her contribution to the legal profession.  Jacy’s dedication and leadership have been instrumental to the success of fundraising for our growing hospital.