Over the years, Mr. and Mrs. Atwal have given over $160,000 in support of high-tech, innovative health care at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Their strong drive to support exceptional health care comes in part from wanting to give back to the community that has helped them to be so successful in life. The parents along with their 3 children, own two businesses in the Surrey region – a roofing company and an insurance and financial office.

The Atwal family have made donations that support all ages of patients. For instance, they have made gifts to benefit babies who are born at the Mata Tripta Family Birthing Unit, and have made it possible to purchase a special Litegait treadmill for our physio department which is used to help young children learn to walk again after undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

In addition, they gave generously towards the new, recently opened Bausch & Lomb Centre of Excellence Retinal OR, where 500 additional surgeries will happen each year, and have also helped to purchase special imaging equipment for the Breast Health Clinic at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre.