We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Xiaowei Song as Fraser Health’s first-ever Senior Clinical Research Scientist dedicated 100 per cent to research. Made possible through a unique partnership between Surrey Hospital Foundation and Fraser Health, Dr. Song’s appointment will allow her to continue her work on the frailty index – an internationally accepted measurement for frailty in adults and seniors. Her current work also focuses on the development of the whole brain index, a standardized test to measure brain function and decline. Dr. Song’s laboratories are located at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

As a celebrated neuroscientist, Dr. Song has a solid reputation for taking research from the lab, to bedside. Working closely with Fraser Health’s medical teams, Dr. Song will focus on finding solutions to widespread problems associated with brain health and aging.

Fraser Health looks after 1 in 20 Canadians. Dr. Song’s expertise will help unlock the health authority’s vast experience and databases to improve health for our community, and patients throughout the world. We are proud to support her acclaimed work.

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