Have you ever wondered exactly whose life you’ve helped change, and how, by donating to our Tangible Needs Fund? It’s time to meet a few grateful patients, like “Thomas”, who was admitted to the Surrey Memorial Hospital repeatedly over the past year because of uncontrolled Congestive Heart Failure and other complications.

His doctors recommended a program of medications and lifestyle changes that would prevent further hospitalizations. Thomas was eager to follow the plan, but he couldn’t manage it financially. He often relied on a food bank for his meals, which were higher in sodium than recommended for his condition. Thanks to our donors, the Tangible Needs Fund paid $136 for home dinner delivery for three weeks while he waited for approval of a monthly nutritional supplement.

“Joseph” came in with a diabetic foot infection and urgently needed Darco Wound Care shoes. With specialized padded support these shoes would prevent further infections in his feet. Unfortunately, the shoes were just too costly for Joseph who lives on an extremely limited disability income. Thanks to our donors, we were able to use the Tangible Needs Fund to supply the $305 shoes for a very happy Joseph.

“Ron” was having trouble walking because a diabetic foot ulcer left him unable to bear weight on one foot. He couldn’t afford the cost of seeing a podiatrist for treatment. The Tangible Needs Fund provided $150 for his appointment and wound care treatment. Ron, who has had many other health concerns, including heart disease, asthma and a previous stroke, expressed his tremendous gratitude for the supporters who made his treatment possible.