We are fortunate to have the expertise and talent of our committee members who help magnify Surrey Hospitals Foundation’s mission to bring unstoppable health care to our community.

Executive Committee

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The Executive Committee plays a key role in ensuring an annual program for trustee development and ongoing education. They are responsible for ensuring the biannual review of the Bylaws of the Society as well as evaluating the performance of the President/Chief Executive Officer.

Executive Committee Members:
Harp Dhillon, Chair
Ron Knight, Past Chair
Kristine Bodnark
David McFarlane
Larry Thomas
Jacy Wingson
Azra Hussain

Finance Committee

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The objective of the Finance Committee is to advise the Board on all fiscal, financial planning, audit, investment and financing matters and ensure that mechanisms are in place to safeguard the Foundation’s assets.  The Finance Committee regularly reviews the operations and the financial performance of the Foundation and recommends the financial policies.

Finance Committee Members:
Larry Thomas, Chair
Kristine Bodnark, Vice-Chair
Ashish Arora
Ralph Berezan
Jenifer Lee
Azra Hussain

Entrepreneur’s Committee

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The Entrepreneur’s Committee focuses on engaging professionals and entrepreneurs with an affinity to Surrey Memorial Hospital in fundraising and friend-raising activities.

Entrepreneur’s Committee Members:
Lucky Atwal
Paul Deol
Rajan Dhaliwal
Harman Dhillon
Mani Gill
R Grewal
Sandy Johal
Tony Sandhu
Kimberly Coates

Medical Advisory Group

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The Medical Advisory Group acts as a forum to seek and receive informed, objective feedback from the medical community.

Medical Advisory Group Members:
Dr. M Bakhet
Dr. Harry Brar
Dr. James Bond
Dr. Randeep Gill
Dr. Sherry Kahlon
Dr. Amoljeet Singh Lail
Dr. Steve Levasseur
Dr. Hamed Nazzari
Dr. Samarasekera
Dr. Titus Yeung

New Hospital Task Force

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The purpose of the New Hospital Task Force is to assist the Board in its deliberations and its responsibility for the final approval the new Surrey hospital and other corresponding capital projects.

New Hospital Task Force Committee Members:
Ralph Berezan
Paul Deol
Harp Dhillon
Ron Knight
Jacy Wingson
Azra Hussain