Every week, Surrey Hospitals Foundation features Unstoppable Heroes, including hospital staff, donors, admin, and volunteers on our social media channels. We would be honoured to have you participate!

About Us

Surrey Hospitals Foundation’s new brand tells the story of providing unstoppable, life-changing health care. Being unstoppable is all about the kind of consistent care delivered to patients. It’s the relentless drive to never give in — the pursuit of excellence through access to knowledge and innovation. Being unstoppable is brought to life through the delivery of genuine care, acts of kindness and empathy. It’s a level of care and resolve that isn’t common at other hospitals, but widespread across all of Surrey’s facilities.

How to Participate

It’s simple to join. Take a short (1 minute or so) video of yourself answering the following questions. Either have a colleague take the video, or selfie style works great as well.

1) What is your role? How long have you been in this role for? How long in Surrey? (this is for our info, it won’t appear in the video)
2) What does it mean to you to be unstoppable?
3) How do you recharge yourself during this time?

Ideally, it would be great if you could film this in your work environment (ensuring no other staff or patients are in the background), but wherever you’re comfortable is great too! You can see the first few of this series below and on our social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How to Submit Your Video

Please email brittany.chiu@fraserhealth.ca with a Dropbox or Google Drive link to your video, or if you have any questions.