Surrey is often heralded as the city that will drive BC’s future prosperity. Surrey is rich in natural and human resources, particularly our youth. Surrey is the province’s youngest city. It is home to over 77,600 school aged children and a further 23,437 under the age of four. One in three residents is under 19.

Despite this bounty of youth and vitality, investment in health services for children have lagged behind population growth.

Surrey Hospitals Foundation is calling on the community to support child and youth mental health treatments and the next phase of the Children’s Health Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital.


• Of the 184 hospital based pediatricians in BC, only 13 practice at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

• On a per capita basis our facilities have declined over the last 20 years. In 2001, we had 24 funded pediatric inpatient hospital beds. In 2022, we have 16.

• Our Family Birthing Unit opened in 2001 with 38 funded beds and in 2021 we have 42. Surrey Memorial Hospital is the region’s high risk birthing centre.

• We opened a 48 bed NICU in 2014. In 2021 only 28 of the beds are funded and open.

• Of the 443 pediatric beds in BC, Surrey only has 16.

• In 2013, Surrey Memorial Hospital opened a new pediatric emergency department. It was built for 20,000 patients. By 2019, it was seeing 44,000 children a year. The instant response to the new facility demonstrates that families prefer to receive care closer to home. It is easier on the young patients, siblings and parents.

• Surrey Memorial Hospital is the regional centre for acute children and youth mental health services.

We need your support

We are counting on your continued generosity to support the following:

• Refresh and renew existing patient rooms, play areas and family waiting rooms making them more child / family friendly at the Children’s Health Centre inside Surrey Memorial Hospital.

• Renovation of the outdoor therapeutic space at the Shirley Dean Pavilion, which houses the Adolescent Day Treatment Program. This important space allows youth to learn essential life skills as well as take part in therapeutic activities and treatments.

• Support for treatments such as music and art therapy at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

The need is profound for more facilities, more specialists and more services. We are asking donors to support children’s care in BC’s youngest city.