We're Almost There

Surrey Memorial Hospital will soon open two brand new cardiac catheterization labs (cath labs), where cardiac specialists will perform minimally invasive tests and advanced life-saving cardiac procedures. Surrey Hospitals Foundation is proud to partner with the Fraser Health Authority and the Provincial Government in supporting and fundraising for our cath labs.

In the Fraser Health region, the growth in the aging population will be the fastest and the largest of all health authorities in the province. Heart disease is already the No. 1 cause of death among people 65 and older and is poised to become even more prevalent in the years ahead, exacting an enormous toll on the health and quality of life for Canadians.

But with these new cath labs, Surrey Memorial Hospital’s interventional cardiologists will be able to diagnose and treat problems in heart and blood vessels before they cause larger issues, such as a heart attack or stroke. And in the case of a completely blocked coronary artery, urgent intervention in a cardiac cath lab could mean the difference between life and death.

Did You Know?

  • Surrey is the only large city in Canada that does not yet have a cardiac catheterization lab. A cath lab is a specialized care area that allows cardiologists to perform tests and procedures that open up arteries during a heart attack and prevent future heart attacks from occurring.
  • SMH’s new cath lab will be the first one built south of the Fraser River. This means that residents of Surrey will no longer be subject to traffic patterns and bridge access in order to receive care for one of the leading causes of sudden death.
  • BC Ambulance statistics for 2021 show that 1,376 patients were transferred from Surrey Memorial Hospital to other cities for care. The top three reasons for transfer were heart, stroke and pediatric specialty care.
  • Every year, Surrey Memorial’s ER doctors care for over 1,800 patients with heart attacks

Together, We Are Unstoppable

“One million residents south of the Fraser River can now be treated in their own community. This means closer and quicker access to urgent cardiac interventions when patients are acutely unwell. Fraser Health is taking a step forward in providing the residents of Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock, Delta and Langley with world-class care.”

– Dr. Courtney Young, Local Department Head (Chief), Cardiology, Surrey Memorial Hospital

We’re almost there. Help fund these new cath labs today so we can bring life-changing health care to our communities south of the Fraser River.

Here at Surrey Hospitals Foundation, we’ve seen time and time again what happens when there’s a plan to move forward—the community rallies together and becomes an unstoppable force for change! Together, let’s keep hearts beating in Surrey. Make a donation today.

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