Nicole Robson

President & CEO

“As the President and CEO of Surrey Hospitals Foundation, I am dedicated to leveraging the power of philanthropy, harnessing the power of our community and passion of our hospitals staff to help provide excellence in care. This role is an honour, and I am committed to leading with a vision that empowers our team, embraces philanthropy’s transformative impact on healthcare, is reflective of the beautiful diverse community that our facilities and health authority supports while making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. – Together we can help provide elevated and equitable care.”

T 604 588 3371

Maria Faccio

Chief Development Officer

“I am honoured to work within an organization that allows me to build upon my passions of People, Purpose & Community. I am inspired by the generosity of this community who consistently gives back through time, talent and treasure to transform healthcare outcomes for residents South of the Fraser River.”

T 604 588 3371
D 604 953 6199

Akash Rattan, CPA, CA

Interim Chief Financial Officer

“It is an honour and privilege to have a front row seat to witness all the positive health outcomes that come out of Surrey Memorial Hospital. I am committed to making Surrey Memorial Hospital a center of medical excellence for all residents south of the Fraser.”

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C 604 562 1051

Angie Medina

Event Manager

“I’m here because I have a profound dedication to improving healthcare outcomes and supporting the well-being of residents South of the Fraser. I’m driven by a passion for orchestrating impactful events that drive support and awareness for important causes. Working as the Event Manager for the Surrey Hospitals Foundation allows me to combine my skills with our commitment to bringing life-changing healthcare. I’m inspired to create memorable experiences that elevate the Foundation’s mission and benefit our communities.”

D 604 953 6160

Amanda Tipper, CFRE

Database Manager

“Growing up I had strong role models that instilled the importance of both personal health and philanthropy. I choose to work in healthcare philanthropy, and for Surrey Hospitals Foundation, to not only honour them but to have a lasting impact on the community I call home.”

T 604 588 3371
D 604 585 5666

Brittany Chiu

Brand & Content Manager

“Everyone uses the hospital at some point. I love that my work here can support this invaluable system and make a meaningful difference for our community.”

T 604 582 4589

Kim St. Pierre

Executive Assistant to President & CEO

“Seeing the community work together to deliver outstanding health care is always an inspiration.  I’m proud of being a small part of that.  Our Surrey Health Sciences Campus is growing into a world class facility that enables us to dream bigger every day.”

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D 604 585 5666

Holly Tuason

Administrative Assistant to CDO

“I have always wanted to work in the community where I live as a way to give back. I am here because contributing to healthcare in my backyard personally feels worthwhile and rewarding.”

D 604 953 9723

Kiran Binning

Event Coordinator

“As someone that is born and raised in Surrey, I understand how special and unique of a community it is. Working as a part of the Surrey Hospitals Foundations team, I love that our efforts make a real difference in healthcare for real people. Being able to give back through my work never stops feeling rewarding.”

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Kyanna Sarmiento

Social Media & Content Coordinator

“I love my job because I get the opportunity to meet with many individuals from such diverse backgrounds. Every one of those patients and donors has a unique story, and being a part of their journey in sharing those experiences is the most inspiring tale I could ever tell.”

T 604 588 3371