Our Community is Generous

Our Community Champions program honours the community-building character of Surrey’s many businesses and local organizations looking for creative ways to give back.

Many community groups and neighbourhood businesses have already helped fund the Children’s Health Centre and Critical Care Tower at Surrey Memorial Hospital, as well as our much-needed Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre. They are Community Champions we all can be proud of for playing a big part in shaping the quality of health care we enjoy here in Surrey.

Why Become a Community Champion?


It is good for business

When businesses and local organizations fundraise for Surrey Hospitals Foundation, they invest in our community while being good, caring citizens. Your neighbours (and customers) appreciate community groups and businesses that make an effort to give back.


Meet Your Future Workforce

Employees increasingly want to work for organizations that do good. Being a Community Champion will help attract, recruit and retain the type of talent you want.


Community Health

As a partner supporting Surrey Hospitals Foundation, you contribute to your community’s wellness and vitality, making Surrey an even more wonderful place to live, work and play.


A Cause that hits home

Our Hospitals and health care services have an impact on everyone at many stages throughout life. Your generosity and participation not only helps us fund unstoppable, life-changing health care but makes an impact on your own, your family’s and your neighbour’s quality of life.


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Over the years, Mr. and Mrs. Atwal have given over $160,000 in support of high-tech, innovative health care at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Their strong drive to support exceptional health care comes in part from wanting to give back to the community that has helped them to be so successful in life. The Atwal family have made donations that support all ages of patients. From gifts for babies, to supporting equipment that allows young children to learn to walk again after undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, to generously supporting the Bausch & Lomb Centre of Excellence Retinal OR, to purchasing special imaging equipment for the Breast Health Clinic at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre. This year, they supported one of the busiest COVID-19 treatment centres in Canada, helping us continue to provide unstoppable health care for our community.

Atwal’s Insurance provides insurance coverage for auto, home, business, and family. They have a wide network of relationship specialists who take pride in their business and strive to provide each client with solutions for all their insurance needs.

The Atwal family epitomizes community spirit. Through their business, they create jobs and prospects, and through their giving, they provide hope and comfort for people by supporting various charitable causes. To the Atwal family, helping others is always front-of-mind.

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Ralph and Lorraine Berezan of the Berezan Group are long-standing supporters of Surrey Memorial Hospital. They were also title co-sponsors of our 5th Annual Celebration of Care Gala in February 2020. To support the resilience and commitment of the frontline staff working amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Berezan Group sponsored free tea and coffee to all staff at Surrey Memorial Hospital for one month. During such an uncertain time, this thoughtful gesture went a long way.

Berezan Hospitality group is a family run business that provides an insurmountable experience and highly personalized guest service. Offering a stellar ski resort, gaming and casino fun, liquor stores, accommodations, and a pub specializing in over 100 types of craft beer, the Berezan Hospitality Group promises to turn good days into great days.

Berezan Hospitality Group and Berezan Management Ltd. Proudly support a variety of local non-profits and charity organizations. Their values are based on the firm belief that everyone rises, by lifting each other up. The group is quick to respond to emergency situations both globally and locally. They strongly encourage all of their team members to get involved in the communities in which they work, live, and play. Their ‘Volunteer Your Time Program’ provides the team with the tools and support required to spend some time giving back to the local communities.

“I am honoured to work closely with highly skilled and thoughtful individuals, including dedicated medical professionals, support staff and our Professional Board, who are committed to continuously improving healthcare, providing a remarkable experience for our patients and making a lasting difference in people’s lives.”

– Ralph Berezan

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Taking swift action to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, Blundell Seafoods, a long-time supporter of SHF, and has committed  $10,000 towards COVID-19 relief efforts. Recognizing the incredible bravery demonstrated by healthcare workers in selflessly supporting the community through the COVID-19 pandemic, this timely donation helped the hospital and front-line staff with immediate and crucial necessities.

Selling an extensive range of over 1,750 fish and seafood products, Blundell Seafoods is the biggest importer of fresh fish in Canada, and a proud exporter of Canada’s own naturally-abundant delicious fruits of the sea. They are also Canada’s largest salmon processor. Their customers include many well-known national retailers, hotels, and restaurants, as well as some of North America’s premium foodservice, retail and wholesale companies.

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Bravaya Homes donated a Pediatric Ultrasound for the Pediatric Emergency Department at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Since 43% of BC’s children live within the geographic boundaries serviced by the Children’s Health Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital, this important medical equipment will benefit more than 80% of our pediatric admissions requiring IV access.

Bravaya Homes, previously known as Superstar Homes, has been building and creating communities around Metro Vancouver since 2008. The company specializes in single family homes, multi-family projects and land subdivision. As registered members of Pacific Home Warranty and B.C. Housing, President Kevin Johal and Senior Advisor Tarsam Johal have a strong history of delivering high-quality developments. Collectively, the pair has close to 60 years of building experience and they’re known to offer excellent customer service with unbeatable expertise.

We have a couple of different approaches when it comes to social responsibility and giving. Firstly, the number one reason why we give is to help others. Recently we donated a Pediatric Ultrasound machine to Surrey Memorial Hospital. After speaking to so many great people at the Surrey Hospitals Foundation, we know that this machine will help so many children and may save them some pain when having an IV put in. Secondly, after talking with the staff at Surrey Hospitals Foundation, we realised they depend heavily on the community to give. As being a born and raised Surrey resident, we felt that giving back to our community was important for us. The Surrey Memorial Hospital services all Surrey Residents in need of medical attention, and with our growing community they will need our help to continue to be a great Hospital. Our last approach to giving back is to set an example for our youth. Surrey is full of great young people who will be the future of our City. We want them to know you can make a difference in our community. Remember, amount of your donation does not matter, the only thing that matters is that you gave back to your community and you made it a better place. 

“I ​support the Surrey Hospitals Foundation because it helps so many of Surrey’s residents every day. I support the Surrey Hospitals Foundation because of its great staff. I support the Surrey Hospitals Foundation because they need our support. Remember, this is our city, this our home, and this is our Hospital…it is up to us to take care of it.”

– Kevin Johal, President, Bravaya Homes

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The Buddha’s Light International Association’s generous $10,000 donation was used to purchase a vein finder that is an essential piece of equipment in the fight against COVID-19. Surrey Memorial Hospital is British Columbia’s busiest COVID treatment centre. Approximately 40% of all COVID-19 patients needing Intensive Care Unit (ICU) care have been treated at Surrey Memorial Hospital. This portable device is important in the initial treatment of severely ill COVID-19 patients presenting in our Emergency Department. The vein finder supports patients in septic shock whose veins may be difficult to locate using conventional methods and can help the doctors and care teams get liquids, medications, etc. into the vein system right away.

The Buddha’s Light International Association, commonly known as BLIA, is a monastic and lay organization. BLIA was established by Hsing Yun in 1992. The organization is associated with Fo Guang Shan, the largest Buddhist organization in Taiwan. In 2003, BLIA was granted the NGO association status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council and Department of Public Information.

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Coast Capital is committed to building better futures and together with its partners, are contributing to strong, healthy communities and a better world. Headquartered in Surrey, Coast Capital has been a long-time supporter of Surrey Hospitals Foundation. “Equitable access to quality health care and mental health support is crucial to our community. We’re honoured to work with Surrey Hospitals Foundation to create an environment where young people and their families can access these important services close to home.” – Coast Capital

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Taking swift action to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, Envision Financial, a long-time supporter of SHF, committed $10,000 towards the COVID-19 Response Fund.  Recognizing the incredible bravery demonstrated by healthcare workers in selflessly supporting the community through the COVID-19 pandemic, this timely donation helped the hospital and front line staff with immediate and crucial necessities.   

A division of First West Credit Union, Envision Financial is a credit union that offers a one-stop shop for all financial needs. Committed to doing their part in ensuring members, employees and the most vulnerable people in their communities are safe, Envision Financial launched its Community Response Fund.

Envision Financial has a strong commitment to its communities and continues to contribute to non-profit and charitable organizations through various community partnerships, sponsorships, donations and in-kind support. To support efforts during the on-going COVID crisis, First West launched a response fund, which has bestowed $600,000 in community grants to charities in regions served by First West. These grants support charitable organizations focused on addressing food security and basic needs for youth, families and seniors impacted by COVID-19.

“Creating capacity and bettering lives in our communities is not just what we do at Envision Financial, it’s part of who we are. It’s why we support local hospitals—we know that our healthcare system plays an essential part in maintaining healthy, thriving communities.” – Dave Lanphear, President, Envision Financial, a division of First West Credit Union.

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Fruiticana, an ardent supporter of Surrey Hospitals Foundation, ran two in-store fundraising campaigns (Diwali and Vaisakhi), to raise funds for the Children’s Health Centre. The campaign was executed in 16 Fruiticana locations. Fruiticana, with the support of their employees and customers, were able to raise a generous sum of $100,000 to assist with the transformation of the Children’s Health Centre at Surrey Memorial as part of the Children’s Health Centre Campaign. 

A household name in the South Asian community, Fruiticana has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1994. With more than 18 store locations across BC and Alberta, each store offers their customers a combination of fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables alongside unique culturally specific produce and grocery items.

Fruiticana is much more than a grocery store. Although it is a wonderful source of fresh fruits and vegetables, more importantly, it is a beacon of celebration of our vibrant multi-cultural society. For over 25 years, Fruiticana has given back to the community through numerous philanthropic initiatives, programs for children and youth, and advocacy for social causes. With over 500 employees, Fruiticana continues to make a positive impact in the lives of many in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. From sponsoring community events to philanthropic initiatives, the Fruiticana family gives back to the community and is a role model to many.

“Our third child was born in Surrey Memorial Hospital and she’s 19 now.  It was a brand new ward at that time… but it needs help. It needs new equipment, it needs better rooms. I always help the community, I never forget the community who supported me for the last 25 years, and that’s why we’re still here. We give it back to the community every year, every month, every day.” – Tony Singh, Founder and President, Fruiticana

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Appreciating the importance of Surrey Memorial Hospital, Goldy Kang Group is a generous supporter of Surrey Hospitals Foundation to ensure unstoppable health care in the city of Surrey.

A team of professionally licensed Real Estate consultants with full-time commitments, Goldy Kang Group is the top 1% real estate team working with Sutton West Coast Realty. They assist sellers with selling houses for top dollars in the minimum timeframe, and buyers to find ownership of their dream property.

“We support charities in the area, and it makes me very happy to be able to support Surrey Memorial Hospital, and health care in our region. This is only possible because of all our past and present clients. Thank you for being with us and trusting in us. This has truly been instrumental in donating to the hospital and helping build our community”.
– Goldy Kang, Team Leader, Goldy Kang Real Estate Group

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For over 30 years, HAL Industries has proudly supported Surrey Hospitals Foundation and our vision of bringing the latest technology, research, talents and academic excellence to create world-class facilities. Together, we have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women, children, and seniors in Surrey and neighbouring communities.

Established in 1974, HAL Industries Inc. is a leader in the manufacture and development of protective construction membranes. The company operates 2 manufacturing facilities located within the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. A progressive quality control program ensures that all its products meet and exceed appropriate industry standards and specifications. HAL Industries Inc. strives to anticipate the future needs of its customers and works to provide solutions to challenges faced in the construction industry.

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Bob Hans and his Family are steady supporters of Surrey Memorial Hospital. To mark Guru Nanak’s 550th Birthday Celebration in 2019, they created a unique online fundraiser to support the Children’s Health Centre campaign. To continue supporting the resilience of the front-line staff working amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hans Group came forward again to donate to SHF’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

The Hans Group, a family-run business, is a collection of various businesses that operate in British Columbia. The businesses engage in trucking, sand and gravel sales, landscaping supplies, mining, and commercial property holdings. The Hans Group has played an integral role in contributing to British Columbia’s economic growth over the past 40 years.

The ethos of giving back is embedded in the Group’s DNA. Investing in this community is their way of giving back to those who helped support and grow their business. By giving what they can, and encouraging others to do the same, there is a sense of connectedness and satisfaction.

“We know that everyone, especially the children in our community, need more high-quality medical services closer to home. I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to be able to give back and contribute to our local healthcare, right here in Surrey.”
– Bob Hans

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A long-time supporter of Surrey Hospitals Foundation, Hen Long Market has generously donated to support our COVID-19 Response Fund, the Children’s Health Centre, and ensure that the hospital has the best surgical care and medical team.

Hen long Market is a unique grocery store offering a broad selection of traditional Asian foods. They are the only market in Surrey that directly imports and sells fresh and exotic fruits, and vegetables, meats, flowers, and spices from Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hawaii, and the Philippines.

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The Holiday Home Tour for Hope is a self-guided tour of homes from White Rock through South Surrey to Crescent Beach, decorated by local designers and décor sponsors. Despite not being able to do in-person home tours like they usually do, their determination and creativity helped raise a very generous amount amidst a pandemic. They did this by pivoting from in-person tours to the production of a glossy, high-quality magazine, along with the support they sought from several key donors. Their success just shows what a tour de force their team is and how beloved the Home Tours are to the community. Thanks to their ingenuity and perseverance, the iconic event went ahead and reinforced the spirit of the season for hundreds of Surrey residents. Proceeds from the event will, in part, benefit the Breast Health Clinic at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre and the pediatric oncology renovation inside the Children’s Health Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

The Home Tours first began as an event called Nite of Hope, and held its inaugural Gala in White Rock/South Surrey in 2006. After 7 years and raising over 1.4 million dollars for Breast Cancer Research, they took a 2-year hiatus to regroup and come up with something new for the Community. In 2015, they introduced the Holiday Home Tour for Hope. With the generosity of homeowners from Crescent Beach through South Surrey to White Rock and Langley, who have opened up their homes for a tour, they are now in their 6th year.

Their homeowners, sponsors, designers and volunteers have helped raise $385,000 in their first 5 years. The pandemic has made things look a little different but they are excited to embrace the change and bring out the Holiday Home Tour Magazine.

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From running fundraising campaigns to donating to the hospital, Second Cup has supported children’s mental health, and innovative medicine and life-changing health care, right here in Surrey.

Second Cup started as a small kiosk at a shopping mall in 1975, and has since grown to over 325 specialty coffee cafes across Canada. From our humble beginnings in 1975 as a kiosk in a shopping mall, selling only whole bean coffee, they have continued towards our goal of being the Canadian specialty coffee brand of choice.

We are excited to be part of the Surrey community and inside Surrey Memorial Hospital that has such a fabulous community. Giving back is also a big part of Second Cup’s business plans. At Second Cup, “every sip is responsible” (Rainforest Alliance Certified and fairly traded coffee) and Jack and Dave (founders) follow that business model, giving back to their community. By serving Fair Trade Coffee™ they are helping to ensure that sustainable environmental farming is being sponsored along with farmers and growers in developing countries.

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Thanks to a transformative gift from Kirmac Cares for Kids, Surrey Memorial Hospital is purchasing specialized equipment for the children’s play areas as well as toys and specialized equipment for the inpatient units in the Children’s Health Centre. The generosity shown by their employees, customers, and business partners has a significant impact on the lives of kids and their families.

Kirmac’s charitable program, Kirmac Cares for Kids, raises money to help the children of BC through contributing funds towards Children’s Foundations. A portion of Kirmac’s earned income from every repair along with generous donations from customers, employees, and business partners has helped them raise over $3 million dollars since 2010.

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With their generous donation, Lohn Foundation, is supporting innovative health care technology, research, and education. Their past gift supported the HEAL Clinic with an important piece of equipment, a Colposcope, that is used to help diagnose physical evidence of abuse in the most comfortable and accurate way possible for children. Their gift is helping thousands of children from Burnaby to Boston Bar, who come to the HEAL Clinic.

The Lohn Foundation has been in existence for 25 years since door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman Earl Lohn died after amassing a fortune in real estate worth $100 million. It was established in March 1991 and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Lohn Foundation is well known for its support of children, especially kids who experience childhood difficulties that adversely affect their lives.

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Loyal Protestant Association is supporting innovation at the Children’s Health Centre by providing funds to purchase the best and latest state-of-the-art equipment available. Renovation of the Children’s Health Centre is making it possible for Surrey Hospitals Foundation to increase our outpatient clinic rooms from the current 5 rooms to a new total of 14.

The Association first started in 1909 and was incorporated in 1931. The Association is one of the oldest charities in the province of BC and founded the CKNW Orphans’ Fund, a significant and high-profile charity in BC. The Association is a NPO charitable organization that gives out grants to other charitable organizations.

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The Music Therapy program at Surrey Memorial Hospital’s NICU is offered twice a week. Each session is one-to-one bedside with mostly pre-infants and their parents. Since January 1, 2020, over 100 clients have received music therapy sessions at Surrey Memorial.

Music therapy helps lower cortisol, improve sleep, improve oxygen saturation levels and promote neural development. Music therapy for parents of infants can help promote parent/infant bond as well as decrease stress.

Since 2012, Music Heals has raised awareness and funds to increase access to music therapy for vulnerable Canadians. Music Heals supports a wide range of music therapy services in communities in BC and across Canada. They increase access to music therapy for patients in children’s hospitals, senior’s centres, palliative care, AIDS & HIV programs, at-risk youth, rehabilitation, and bereavement support. To date, Music Heals has funded over 32,000 music therapy sessions for Canadians in need.

Music Heals is a not-for-profit society incorporated in British Columbia and is registered with Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable foundation.

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A generous and heartfelt donation of $10,000 was made by the owners of Nana’s Kitchen on behalf of the Nana’s Family of proud workers towards the Children’s Health Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital.  

With humble origins serving family-style ethnic meals out of a small restaurant in Burnaby, Nana’s Kitchen was established in 2000 in Surrey by two sisters to serve their famous pastry items.  Since 2019, Shelina Mawani and her husband Nawaz Mawani fully own and operate Nana’s Kitchen. 

Nana’s Kitchen produces convenient comfort foods inspired by the culture, caring and kitchen memories of grandmothers all over the globe. The company’s mission is to create “convenient comfort foods with a global taste.” Nana’s Kitchen keeps sustainability in mind by sourcing from local suppliers.

Inspired by women, the community and the power of giving, the founders of Nana’s Kitchen believe in supporting the community to make meaningful social change.

Surrey has a special place in Nana’s Kitchen’s heart. Two decades ago, the founder’s youngest child required medical care that was offered only in Vancouver at the time. They understand what a hardship this can be on local families and want to support pediatric services here in Surrey, where over 43% of BC’s children live.

The quote below very aptly captures Shelina’s philosophy or thought behind giving;

“The simplest acts of kindness are far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”

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A long-term committed and major donor at Surrey Hospitals Foundation, NEWWAY Forming has supported various surgery and health care campaigns and was instrumental in the construction of the Critical Care Tower at Surrey Memorial Hospital, which was deemed the next evolution of health care in Surrey. Answering the call for the local construction sector to collectively raise $1 million over two years for the tower, NEWWAY was the first to cement its $100,000 contribution to the hospital’s Building Foundations campaign that led to the establishment of the famous Critical Care Tower.

Founded in 1984, NEWWAY Forming is renowned for its workmanship, leading-edge know-how, and lifelong traditions. NEWWAY Forming is largely responsible for shaping and growing “concrete forming” into the dynamic industry it is today. They have an outstanding portfolio consisting of numerous landmark projects i.e. the “Shangri-La”, Vancouver; “The Bow” in Calgary, AB; “The Crystal” in Burnaby, BC; the “Critical Care Tower” at Surrey Memorial Hospital in Surrey, BC.

NEWWAY Forming has established itself as one of the leading commercial, residential and institutional builders who thrive in the niche market of architecturally exposed concrete and complex designs.

Giving back to the community is a long-held policy of NEWWAY. Honoured business leader and philanthropist Cavaliere Ezio Bortolussiis (co-founder of NEWWAY) is a strong believer in giving back to the community, which originally prompted his donation to the Foundation.

Since 2005, they have also been associated with the Friends of Ferrari a volunteer group that raises money for charitable organizations that help kids in need. Their employees donate their time to the various fundraising events held each year.

NEWWAY believes that by helping a child, the entire community is uplifted. Helping children in need is the best way to plan our future.

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Long-standing support by Ocean Trailer has tremendously helped Surrey Hospitals Foundation to enable its thoracic surgeons to perform “incision-less” procedures that result in better outcomes for their patients.

Surrey Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in Western Canada to provide innovative new procedures that treat esophageal disease and identify lung cancer. Surrey’s thoracic surgeons perform roughly 1,100 surgeries per year. Thoracic surgery has progressed tremendously in the past 10 to 15 years and Surrey is a leader in minimally invasive thoracic surgery. Generous donors like Ocean Trailer are not only helping patients benefit from the new procedures but they are also investing in the future of thoracic surgery. Our team will be able to use this technology to develop new techniques that can be shared with other hospitals worldwide, and provide the best possible experience for training residents.

Ocean Trailer is comprised of Western Canada’s Trailer Specialists who provide trailer sales, rentals, leasing, repairs, and parts to customers across Canada. They are Canada’s original and still only complete one-stop trailer shop.

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Open Bible Chapel Foundation supported the Family Birthing Unit Team at Surrey Memorial Hospital to purchase a Belmont Rapid Infuser that will be used frequently in both Maternal and Infant Resuscitation. The dedicated nurses and multidisciplinary team is so happy to have received this gift to help new mothers and babies.

Formed when the non-denominational church, Open Bible Chapel, closed its doors after the profitable sale of land, the newly formed Open Bible Chapel Foundation now continues to create interest that can be used to support charitable work aligned with the group’s giving pillars and values.

Through the years, Open Bible Chapel Foundation has gained a reputation for being different, through its philosophy of opening its doors to anyone in need. Giving back has been a rewarding experience and has demonstrated how one act of generosity leads to another. Matching gift campaigns are a near and dear form of giving for Gordon Krogel, Chair of the OBC Foundation.

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Pacific Blue Cross Health Foundation has a pledge to fund and support our Children’s Health Campaign. Their support will allow new clinics to be added and Neurology, Cardiology & Nephrology (kidney) services to be expanded.

Surrey Memorial Hospital has our region’s only children’s emergency department, one of only two in British Columbia, and the only health facility in the Fraser Valley dedicated to children’s health and paediatric emergencies.

They support not-for-profit organizations in communities big and small, across all four corners of the province, that are striving to improve health and wellbeing for British Columbians.

Pacific Blue Cross allocates an annual endowment to their Health Foundation to support programs that are making a difference in communities where they live, work, and play. The Health Foundation Board, comprised of Directors from the Pacific Blue Cross Board and Pacific Blue Cross employees, meets three times a year to review funding applications.

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Peak Products generously supported Surrey Hospitals Foundation’s ambitious Surgery Campaign in 2020, with their gift of the surgical microscope. As part of the complete revitalization of ten operating rooms, their support will provide the world’s top surgical talent to work with the most innovative technology and equipment available.

The Peak Group of Companies is a leader in home improvement and is among the fastest-growing firms in our industry. Comprising Peak Products and Peak Services, the Peak Group of Companies is an industry leader in home improvement throughout Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Peak is a valued partner of Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer. At Home Depot, one can find Peak products to serve the do-it-yourself, do-it-for-me, and professional customer.

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The Step-Down and Step-Out Program, a new program supported by RBC Foundation, is designed to provide a program for youth and families to get the mental health services they need in Surrey, Abbotsford and Tri-Cities. The leveraging impact of this program offered throughout communities has a truly positive and phenomenal impact.

The mission of RBC Foundation is to improve the quality of life in the community by supporting non-profit organizations that make a positive difference and promote diversity.

They are guided by their purpose to help their clients thrive and communities prosper. It mobilizes them to create meaningful value in everything they do as a bank, but also in ways that extend beyond their walls.

Their approach fuses together all of their collective resources, talents, and connections and enables them to bring people together in a common cause to make positive change. This includes working with their community partners, subject matter experts, and the public and private sectors to promote and celebrate inclusion and vibrancy in their communities.

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In 2020, the Royal Canadian Legion supported Specialized Geriatric Clinic services at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre. The interdisciplinary staff supports clients, and their families and caregivers, by providing comprehensive screening, assessment, treatment, care planning, and education to seniors and their families, as well as mentoring support to professional caregivers. The clinical staff have specialized skills and knowledge to treat a wide variety of geriatric health problems. They consult on complex seniors’ health needs where primary care providers and acute care staff have exceeded or exhausted their existing expertise in geriatric care.

The Royal Canadian Legion was founded by Veterans and for Veterans. They advocate for the care and benefits of all who served Canada, regardless of when or where they served. The Legion also provides representation and assistance to veterans, including currently serving Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP, and their families. Access to their services is available to them at no cost.

Legion Branches are the cornerstone of communities across Canada, and provide one of the largest volunteer bases in the country. With 1,350 Branches from coast to coast to coast, our members provide local services and support to build a stronger Canada. Whether helping local Veterans, supporting seniors, providing youth sports programs, raising funds, volunteering to help those in need, or simply offering a place to gather for fun and celebration, Legionnaires provide essential services in their communities.

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Sabzi Mandi Supermarket ran an in-store fundraising campaign to support the Covid-19 Response Fund. The campaign ran across 9 Sabzi Mandi Supermarket locations, raising a total of $11,000.
The purpose of this gift, as part of the Covid-19 Response Fund, is to help support capital purchases for the hospital, health, wellness & nutrition initiatives for front line workers, and other needs as identified by the hospital team as this pandemic progresses.

Sabzi Mandi Supermarket is a 100% family-owned and operated premier grocery store chain in British Columbia. They carry fresh fruits and vegetables, and a wide selection of groceries, specialty groceries, along with a wide range of household items and cooking appliances. Presentation of products is intuitive, easy to find, and placed in a manner to shorten the search time and ensure an enjoyable shopping experience.

Customer happiness is the foundation of everything they do. Their employees are well informed and trained to offer exceptional customer service and a premium shopping experience. Anyone who walks into the store, even if it is for the first time, feels the warmth and experiences the ease of shopping. It is their commitment to bring the freshest produce and best quality products to their customers; that they source from the best producers and vendors locally, regionally, and internationally.

They recognize that businesses must invest beyond their business interests to create a prosperous neighborhood. Therefore, they support local charities and organizations working for the all-round development of the community.

“It is necessary to provide the support needed to Surrey Memorial Hospital as not only is it the only hospital in the city but one that also supports the second largest city in BC. During the times we are currently living in, it is important to support our hospitals and front line workers that are doing everything they can to help during this Pandemic. Being Essential service ourselves, I can only imagine what our front line workers are going through on a day to day basis. I commend them for their effort and commitment.

I became further attached to Surrey Memorial Hospital during the time my grandfather was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it but it wasn’t due to a lack of effort on the part of Doctors and staff by any means. They did everything possible and I really appreciate how they kept us informed and how they supported our family through a tough time.”

– Aman Narula, Vice President, Sales & Franchise Development, Sabzi Mandi Supermarket

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Saint Mary’s Health Foundation’s support towards the ophthalmology surgical program at Surrey Memorial Hospital will allow surgeons to perform a greater number of surgeries now, reducing wait times for patients with retinal conditions. Saint Mary’s Health Foundation has been a generous and consistent supporter of Surrey Hospitals Foundation for the past 7 years, donating close to $110,000 in support of programs such as surgery, ophthalmology, and neurology (stroke recovery) at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre.

Saint Mary’s Health Foundation aims to carry on the work of the former Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation by helping health care providers continue the compassionate care and high standards maintained by Saint Mary’s Hospital for over 117 years.

This charitable society supports patient care by allocating funds from its investments to hospitals and health providers, within New Westminster and the surrounding area, on an annual basis.

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Sanjha Vehra approached Surrey Hospitals Foundation in 2013 with a $25,000 donation, which they contributed towards the purchase of the SPY Elite Camera for the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre’s Breast Health Clinic. Since then, they have continued to support the Breast Health Clinic and various equipment purchases. Their total donations over the years are nearing the $100,000 mark. Their dedication and commitment towards this cause is an inspiration and motivation for all of us at the Foundation.

Sanjha Vehra is an international women’s association. Sanjha Vehra, meaning “common courtyard,” has been in operation since 2002. It began with a group of women who started a “kitty party,” which they decided to continue each month, but with a specific purpose. A kitty party in India and Pakistan is a party usually organized by women. Kitty refers to the funds collected at the party, and every member contributes a certain sum of money each month.

At these kitty parties, Sanjha Vehra provides a safe and inviting place for South Asian women to meet together to exchange ideas and discuss issues relating to their participation in Canadian Society. They continue to meet monthly to discuss how to advance the purposes of the organization. There are now Sanjha Vehra associations in Edmonton, Mississippi, and Dallas. All four chapters meet on the same day. They also discuss the same topics to ensure the values and goals of the associations remain aligned.

In 2005, the Sanjha Vehra began its annual event in support of raising funds to help breast cancer research. Five of the founding members of the Sanjha Vehra Women’s Association were diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Every year since then, the Association continues fundraising as a tribute to these survivors. This fundraising event is held annually in October.

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To support the Children’s Health Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital, Scotiabank is matching donations up to $50,000 from October 15 to November 15, 2020. The Children’s Health Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital is the only health facility in the Fraser Valley dedicated to children’s health and paediatric emergencies.

Scotiabank is a leading bank in the Americas. Guided by the purpose: “for every future”, they help their customers, their families and their communities achieve success through a broad range of advice, products and services, including personal and commercial banking, wealth management and private banking, corporate and investment banking, and capital markets.

Knowing the importance of a healthy, vibrant community, Scotiabank works in ways that benefit their communities, customers and stakeholders. Their dedicated team approach strives to include Social, Economic, Environmental and Ethical considerations in their everyday business decisions. Through numerous efforts, they continue steady progress towards their CSR goals and remain focused on introducing new initiatives with the aim of strengthening local communities.

“At Scotiabank, we believe that investing in young people in the community is the path to community prosperity. By supporting the Children’s Health Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital, we are investing in the health and well-being of young people, ensuring long-term security, stability, and growth of our future.”

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Since they began donating in 2014, Seaboard has now donated an impressive amount to Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Working in partnership with iBid4Storage, Seaboard Self-Storage is able to auction off the contents of delinquent storage units that tenants were unable to pay for. Through iBid4Storage’s creative business model, Seaboard Self-Storage was given a platform to sell items from abandoned self-storage units, allowing them to clear out excess inventory and donate the proceeds from these auctions to Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Seaboard Self Storage is Surrey’s premier Storage Facility and Business Centre. Established in 1997, their service is personalized, and they offer more choices and more flexibility.

Their storage units and premises are kept impeccably clean with state-of-the-art security features. Their prices are competitive, and their support staff are always available to answer questions and provide information and assistance.

Seaboard Self-Storage has been serving the British Columbia community since 1997. Owned and operated by two local families, Seaboard is a part of their community and intends to support it in the best ways it can. With more than 20 years of business, and with growth that has doubled their storage capacity, their success is a direct reflection of their commitment to the community.

“We are very proud of supporting Surrey Memorial Hospital. It makes our staff and myself very good about our donation.” Ron Zeeman, General Manager, Seaboard Self-Storage

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The community joined together with local Shoppers Drug Mart and its team for one of the most successful fundraising efforts to support women’s health initiatives, here in Surrey. Donations to the SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. 2020 Growing Women’s Health campaign support the Breast Health Clinic at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

The annual campaign is national in scope, yet locally based, with patients, customers, and employees donating directly to charitable organizations in their community to ensure that resources and programming are available to meet the needs of women across the country.

The SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Growing Women’s Health campaign is a four-week program held across Canada each fall. In support of leading women’s health organizations, customers, staff and Associate-Owners at over 1,360 Shoppers Drug Mart/Phamaprix/Home Health Care locations raised funds through the purchase of the Growing Women’s Health paper icons. Since 2002, the Growing Women’s Health campaign has raised more than $35 million for Canadian health charities.

The LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart™ program works together with local charities to help advance women’s health and provide support systems for women to feel their best. To date, they’ve raised over 74 million dollars to support women’s health initiatives in their communities.

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Taking swift action to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, SSR Cedar & Roofing Supplies, a long-time ardent supporter of Surrey Hospitals Foundation, generously donated to our COVID-19 Response Fund. Recognizing the incredible bravery demonstrated by health care workers in selflessly supporting the community through the COVID-19 pandemic, this timely donation helped the hospital and front-line staff with immediate and crucial necessities.

SSR Cedar and Roofing Supplies offers a broad selection of quality roofing products from laminated asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and shingles to composite and concrete tiles. They also carry an assortment of roofing underlayments, custom metal flashings, and roofing accessories.

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Surrey Memorial Hospital Auxiliary’s generous pledge towards the Children’s Health Centre is enabling more children to receive life-changing care and treatment closer to home. They also supported the COVID-19 Response Fund.

Their passion, commitment, and dedication stand out in important areas of our hospital that have been changed and uplifted by the Auxiliary over many years. Surrey Memorial Hospital Auxiliary has always been a force for positive change for our community. We thank them for being an unstoppable partner for life-changing health care.

The Surrey Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is a group of community members who give thousands of hours annually to support health care in the Surrey community. They continue to raise funds for the hospital by running a thrift store, two gift shops, a lottery booth, and a supplies cart that goes around for patients who are unable to get to the stores for necessities.

The Auxiliary has been there for the hospital even before Surrey Memorial existed. Their efforts during the 1940s and ’50s paved the way for construction to begin, and they have been helping ever since. The Auxiliary, now comprised of more than 150 community volunteers, has given more to the hospital foundation than any other charitable group over the years.

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Ron and Maria Martini, well-known Hospital philanthropists from Langley, and owners of Starline Windows & Martini Film Studios, are long-time supporters of Surrey Hospitals Foundation. Their support ensures that we are able to recruit top medical professionals, hire the very best support staff, purchase and operate state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, and build and maintain modern facilities.

Starline Windows is a manufacturer and installer of high-performance glazing systems designed specifically for all categories of residential and hospitality projects including new developments, renovations, and restorations. They have been in business for over 50 years and have successfully completed glazing contracts for thousands of projects throughout Western North America, from California to British Columbia and Alberta.

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At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has put in perspective just how important and essential it is to have access to life-saving respiratory equipment, TB Vets Charitable Foundation has made a significant contribution to the care of British Columbians by supporting the Optiflow Nasal High Flow Therapy.

Since 1946, TB Vets has been supporting the frontlines of respiratory care in British Columbia. For over 75 years, TB Vets Charitable Foundation has given hope to individuals and families in their hour of great need. They serve all British Columbians suffering from respiratory emergencies — from urban centres in Vancouver to rural and remote communities in Northern BC. TB Vets arms the medical front-line in the fight for respiratory care by providing critical respiratory equipment, research and education.

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TD generously supported Surrey Hospitals Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund with a donation of $10,000, specifically geared towards the Staff Nutrition and Wellness program. Our medical teams are a key resource to help fight this pandemic.  Providing free meals throughout the pandemic not only helps them physically, it also provides emotional and psychological support during this critical time.

Surrey Memorial Hospital has just under 1500 staff members during day shifts and approximately 550 night shift staff.  The Nutrition and Wellness program was made available to the whole team. 

The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries are collectively known as TD Bank Group (“TD” or the “Bank”). TD is the sixth largest bank in North America by branches and serves over 26 million customers in three key businesses operating in a number of locations in financial centres around the globe: Canadian Retail, including TD Canada Trust, TD Auto Finance Canada, TD Wealth (Canada), TD Direct Investing, and TD Insurance; U.S. Retail, including TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®, TD Auto Finance U.S., TD Wealth (U.S.), and an investment in TD Ameritrade; and Wholesale Banking, including TD Securities. TD also ranks among the world’s leading online financial services firms, with more than 14 million active online and mobile customers.

Launched in 2018, the TD Ready Commitment is a corporate citizenship platform by TD Bank Group and is premised on the belief that everyone – no matter who they are or where they come from – should be given the chance to succeed in a world that is constantly changing. The TD Ready Commitment community giving is based on four main pillars:

Financial Security

Environment [Vibrant Planet]

Connected Communities

Better Health

Giving in these four key areas is critical for supporting changes, nurturing progress, and contributing to making the world a better, more inclusive place. Through the TD Ready Commitment, TD is targeting C$1 billion by 2030 towards community giving, of which TD has already donated millions to organizations in the Pacific Region since 2018.

“At TD, we are proud to stand with Surrey’s amazing health-care professionals who for months have been on the front line, working tirelessly to fight the spread of COVID-19,” said Gurjiv Chahil, District Vice President, TD. “They are our heroes. And, we want them to know how grateful we are for their ongoing service and commitment to their community and patients.”

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Telus is a telecommunications company that provides a wide range of communications products and services, including wireless, data, Internet protocol (IP), voice, television, entertainment and video, and is Canada’s largest healthcare IT provider. They are a diverse group, passionate about creating success for their customers, shareholders, communities and their team. For more than 100 years, TELUS has been delivering innovative telecommunications solutions to Canadians. Their dedication to improving the lives of Canadians has helped them spread their roots from British Columbia and Alberta to across Canada.

Their long-standing commitment to put customers first fuels every aspect of their business. Driven by their passionate social purpose to connect all Canadians, their meaningful and enduring philosophy to give where they live has inspired their team members and retirees to contribute more than $736 millions and over 1.4 million days of service since 2000. Their stakeholders provide a diversity of input to inform their sustainability strategy, validate priorities and identify emerging issues.

Telus is among many other Canadian companies to advance progress toward the 17 United Nations SDGs in partnership with the Global Compact Network Canada. The SDGs include transformative global targets that intend to shape policy development, organizational strategy and stakeholder engagement through 2030. Their focus is on SDG 3, 4, 11, 13 and 17.

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One of the largest donations towards the Surrey Hospitals Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund, the Frontline Fund’s generous contribution of over $100,000 is helping us be unstoppable in our commitment to our COVID-19 patients, our community, and our front-line workers. Surrey Memorial Hospital is one of the busiest COVID-19 treatment centres in Canada, and it needs as much assistance as can be provided. This funding has and will continue to support Surrey Memorial Hospital and front-line staff with immediate and ongoing needs throughout the pandemic; such as purchasing essential equipment, mental health support, COVID-19 research studies, patient comfort items, among other things.

The Frontline Fund was created by leaders in the health care fundraising sector who formed a national coalition to help leading Canadian hospitals and foundations raise urgently needed funds to support the highest priority needs of participating hospital foundations, including COVID-19 support and support for the Northern Territories and Indigenous health. The goal is to provide Canadians with an easy, streamlined way to support hospitals in the form of financial assistance. The hope of this national collaborative effort is to raise awareness for this urgent need and to provide an easy, one-stop solution for Canadian individuals and businesses who want to help.

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The Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation of Canada was one of the first donors to donate $50,000 to Surrey Hospitals Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Supporting healthcare in the community, this donation amount is crucial and much appreciated during these unprecedented times. These funds were raised from the Members of the Tzu Chi Foundation and will allow healthcare teams to provide the very best care during COVID-19.

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, Canada was founded by their CEO, Mr. Gary Ho, in 1992 under the inspiration of Dharma Master Cheng Yen to inaugurate Tzu Chi’s good works in Canada. From the national head office in Vancouver, BC, Tzu Chi Foundation Canada’s regular donors and volunteers have expanded their unconditional love and contributions across the nation through the missions of charity, medicine, education, culture, international relief, and environmental care.  Currently, Tzu Chi Canada has over 40,000 regular donors and over 2200 volunteers with 9 offices coast to coast including Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Calgary, Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Montreal, and Ottawa.

In the past 22 years, volunteers of Tzu Chi Foundation Canada have brought the essence of Buddhism into practice by delivering charitable and humanitarian services to 81 distinct projects.  By cooperating with local community organizations and service facilities, Tzu Chi volunteers have been dedicated to the constant and active service for seniors and other people with disadvantages. In BC alone, an average of 108 Tzu Chi volunteers provide services every single day.

In addition, by donating to hospital fundraising projects, bursary programs and breakfast programs in school districts, Tzu Chi Foundation Canada supports hospital patients and underprivileged students. Tzu Chi volunteers have been recognized by local governments in Canada as responsible and compassionate citizens throughout the country.


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Head-quartered in Surrey, Van-Kam Freightways was one of the early donors to the COVID-19 Response Fund. They donated $10,000 to solely support Surrey Memorial Hospital’s front-line teams.

Van-Kam Freightways Ltd. was founded in 1947 by Robert Henry Sr. originally as Vancouver Kamloops Freight lines Ltd. Over 70 years later, Van Kam continues to flourish as a proudly independent BC family-owned and operated business. Van-Kam Freightways Ltd. is a privately-held asset based transportation solutions provider equipped to service all transportation needs within British Columbia and Alberta, as well as regular service to Eastern Canada and the continental United States.

Van-Kam Freightways Ltd. is committed to giving back to the communities in which they serve. Their contributions are made through donations to local non-profit organizations. These investments build into the communities in which they live and work and are a reflection of the way they seek to conduct their business, which is with care and consideration. They recognize their social responsibility to better the lives of their customers, employees and communities and to inspire others to do the same. Van Kam is proud and honored to contribute in this way and to develop more opportunities and aid for those in need.

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Van Gogh Designs, a custom handcrafted furniture company based in Surrey, has donated $170,000 worth of furniture to the Surrey Hospitals Foundation to help furnish more than 30 staff lunchrooms at Surrey Memorial Hospital, over a two to three-year span. Van Gogh Designs has stocked three staff lunchrooms with custom-designed furniture to bring more warmth and comfort for hospital workers to help them relax during their breaks.

Van Gogh Designs is a local business success story that was started in 1993 by a group of hard-working entrepreneurs with specialized skills in woodworking and upholstery. Now more than 25 years later, the company grew out of its original 5,000 square foot warehouse to a larger 100,000 square foot facility in South Surrey, employing more than 100 staff. Van Gogh Designs specializes in a variety of upholstered furniture such as sofas, chairs, beds, ottomans, dining chairs, and other sectional pieces.

“We are proud to support the Surrey Hospitals Foundation and our staff are incredibly excited to contribute and do our part in helping improve the wellbeing of frontline healthcare workers. “We believe in giving back to the local communities and this is one way we can show health care workers, especially during this pandemic, how much their hard work means to us.” Jeet Dhindsa, President and CEO of Van Gogh Designs.

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Virk Viyas and Associate Lawyers are committed to supporting health care in Surrey and have played a very active role in raising funds for Surrey Memorial Hospital through the years. In 2020, they donated to purchase innovative equipment; support new technology for patient education; and enhance family-centred care in Surrey Memorial Hospital. Their investment in health care has a direct impact on thousands of patients and local families.

Virk Viyas Law and Associates is a full service Surrey-based law firm. They assist individuals and corporations with their varied business and personal legal matters. They are a brother and sister duo, of Sonia and Jagmeet, who believe that every legal matter deserves a tailor-made solution. With over 20 years of combined legal experience, they believe in forming long term and ongoing relationships with their clients by understanding the environment and contexts in which their clients conduct their business in order to provide thoughtful and practical legal advice.

Giving back is important to them. Virk Viyas and Associate Lawyers are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the communities where they live and work. Fostering a firm-wide culture of “giving back”, they donate and participate in numerous initiatives and programs.

Sonia Virk is currently on the Board of Directors for the Surrey Hospital Foundation as a public representative. She is very active in the community and donates her time to various community-related events.

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Wanson group donated $10,000 through Lloyd and Jay Foundation, their charitable arm, towards Surrey Hospitals Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund. This generous donation to the fund has and will continue to support the hospital and front-line staff with immediate and ongoing needs throughout the pandemic.

For over a decade, Wanson Group has been creating quality homes throughout the Lower Mainland. Characterized by innovative and functional designs, Wanson Group consistently delivers an exceptional value and ownership experience. From the first duplex they built on West 8th Avenue in 1990, to the hundreds of homes that followed, their vision for every community is to place an emphasis on quality and long-term value. They believe that by focusing on design, craftsmanship and superior materials, their homes are built for families today and for many generations to come.

Supporting the community and helping it thrive has been a core value of Wanson Group for 25 years. The community is the reason they do what they do. They believe in supporting those around them through financial contributions and partnerships with different programs and causes.
“Our commitment is to create value for the community, such as investing into the growth of the City of Surrey. With Surrey Memorial Hospital serving as a major medical facility in the Lower Mainland’s fastest growing city, we want to do what we can to help. That’s why we’re proud to support the Hospital Foundation, and give to those who already contribute so much to our community.”
-Wanson Group & the Lloyd & Jay Foundation

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World Financial Group and its network of entrepreneurs have stepped forward to support hospitals across Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. They empower financial services entrepreneurs with the tools they need to help families have access to financial knowledge, products, and resources to prepare for a better future.

They believe that with great success comes great responsibility. At the heart, and that of all the businesses that make up the WFG community, there is a desire to make an impact in the lives of others by giving back to families and individuals across North America and around the globe.


  • 2 Sisters Poultry & Meat Ltd.
  • 24/6 Electric Ltd.
  • 4th Utility Inc.
  • A & K Diesel Repair Ltd.
  • A1 Powder Coating Ltd.
  • Abhi Insurance Agency Inc.
  • After February Studio Ltd.
  • Akali Singh Sikh Society
  • Al Roadburg Foundation
  • All Seasons Roofing Ltd.
  • Anthem Properties
  • Apcon Developments Ltd.
  • Basant Motors Ltd.
  • Blackwood Partners Management Corporation
  • Calvin’s Farm Market
  • Capital Wave Management
  • Canada Catering Association
  • Century Group
  • China Hubei Association of Vancouver
  • Cloverdale Cold Storage
  • David Pel & Company Inc
  • De Jager Volkenant & Company
  • District Developments Corp
  • Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation
  • Dr. C J Coady Associates
  • Eagle Side Construction Ltd.
  • Elegant Stanley Green Development Inc.
  • EllisDon Corporation
  • Fairfield House
  • Fibertech Distributors Inc.
  • Fiji Canada Professional Women’s Network Society
  • Fraserway Meats Ltd.
  • Fred Holmes Fuel Injection
  • Frozen Mountain Software
  • FT Synthetics Inc.
  • Futura Security Service Ltd.
  • G & B Woodcraft Ltd.
  • G-Direct Freight Inc.
  • G&F Financial Group
  • Gagan Foods International Ltd.
  • Gill Landscaping
  • Gill Transport Ltd.
  • Gillco Exteriors Ltd.
  • Golden Ears Insurance Services Ltd.
  • Goldmine Insurance Services Ltd.
  • Gore Mutual Foundation
  • Grace Hanin Community Church
  • Greenway Farms Ltd.
  • GRL Freightways Ltd.
  • Guildford Town Centre
  • Anmol Sweet & Restaurant Ltd.
  • Hayer Builders Group
  • Hi Pro Coatings
  • ILWU Local 500
  • International Muslim Academy of Canada
  • Jake N’ Josh Trading Company
  • Janda Group Asset Management Inc.
  • KDS Construction Ltd.
  • Kinsmen Club of Coquitlam
  • Knights of Columbus North Surrey Council #4767
  • Kwanglim Methodist Church in Canada
  • Lindsay Kenney LLP
  • London Drugs Foundation
  • Lovely Cloth House Ltd.
  • Lowe’s Canada
  • Mail-O-Matic Services Ltd.
  • Mainland Developments Ltd.
  • Mainland Motors Surrey & Langley
  • Maison Development & Construction Ltd.
  • Mandeep Sandhu Law Corp
  • MASJID-AL-NOOR (Mosque of Lights)
  • McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.
  • Metro Van Construction Ltd.
  • MSJ Distributor Ltd.
  • Navraj Sweets & Restaurant Ltd.
  • Newton Hi-Quality Meats
  • New Wave Lending
  • NIKLS “One Call” Property Services
  • Norden Window and Doors Ltd.
  • Northwest Development
  • One World Learning
  • OTT Electric Ltd.
  • OTT Homes Ltd.
  • OTT Transportation Services Inc.
  • Panorama West Homes Ltd.
  • Peace Portal Alliance Church – Mandarin Congregation
  • PHI Hotel Group
  • PHL Finance / Lending a hand society
  • Phillip Crocker Photography
  • Pro Max Trucking Ltd.
  • Punjab Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Quality First Collision Repairs
  • Queen Elizabeth Secondary School
  • Raincity Volleyball Club
  • Richards Buell Sutton LLP
  • Rick’s Heart Foundation
  • Rona Fleetwood
  • Rotary Club of North Delta
  • Royal Canadian Legion #6 – Cloverdale
  • Royal Canadian Legion #229 – Whalley
  • Royale Properties Ltd.
  • Rupi Kainth Real Estate
  • S&G Drywall 2002 Ltd.
  • Samson Metals Ltd.
  • Sat Construction Ltd.
  • Scott Road Pharmacy Inc.
  •  Searay Foods
  • Shaheed Udham Singh Society of Canada
  • Sigma Cabinets
  • Simplex Home Design
  • Simpson Thomas & Associates
  • Simran Distributor Ltd.
  • Singular Enterprises
  • Smythe LLP
  • SNS Electrical
  • Sonic Steel Ltd.
  • Splashes Wash Lodge
  • SRC Engineering Consultants Ltd.
  • Sukhmani Sahib Society Guildford
  • Sunny’s Clydesdale Inn
  • Surrey Super Market
  • Teja Foods
  • The Canadian Charter School of The National Open University of Taiwan Study Group
  • The Whitearn Foundation
  • Thiara Insurance Services Ltd.
  • Village Church
  • Wave Skin Care
  • Wei-Light Growth Society
  • Wellness Pharmacy
  • Xi’an Jiaotong University Alumni Association of Greater Vancouver

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