Donate stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares instead of cash and you’ll extend your tax savings even further. When you donate securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, or segregated funds directly to Surrey Hospitals Foundation you benefit in two ways:

  • You receive a donation tax credit, and
  • You benefit from the complete elimination of capital gains tax on those shares

Ready to donate shares now? Download the Security Transfers Form here

How it works

Let’s say you want to make a donation of $5000 worth of stock shares to benefit sick children at the hospital:


In other words, for every dollar you give, your cost is only 39 cents!

(*assuming you are in BC’s highest tax bracket at 43.7% and assuming you have already donated at least $200 this year)

Follow 4 easy steps

to qualify for large tax savings.

Security Transfers Form

This information is needed for the transfer, tracking and receipting of your donation.
Download the form.

Give the form to your broker

Your broker will arrange for the transfer of shares to the Surrey Hospitals Foundation account. Surrey Hospitals Foundation cannot initiate the transfer. If you use a self-directed investment account, fax this form to your applicable transfer dept. Call us for the correct fax number.

Send a copy of the completed form (or have your broker send) to

Attn: Debra Stephens
Tel: 604-535-3853
Fax 604-531-4586

Send a copy of the form to Surrey Hospitals Foundation

Or ask your broker to do this on your behalf so we may ensure a donation receipt is issued for your gift.
Please fax to 604-588-5550.

Get in touch

Surrey is the birthplace of innovation and change … and exciting things are happening here. We invite you to join us by creating a legacy that lives on and transforms health care for generations.

For more information, contact:

Don Hickling
Vice President, Leadership Giving
604 953 9709


Yolanda Bouwman
Director, Charitable and Legacy Gifts
604 585 5509