Every donation makes a difference. In the 10 months that Surrey Hospitals Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund has been active, donors have allowed us to acquire over 100 additional pieces of critical equipment, including portable ultrasound machines, vein finders, defibrillators, a UVGI robot for thorough cleaning, and much more.

The ongoing pandemic has presented a need to provide critically ill patients with high-level Oxygen Therapy and Prone Positioning to clinically manage their pathologies without the need for intubation and ventilation. This requirement led us to acquire Airvo devices for our Respiratory Therapists (RTs) at Surrey Memorial Hospital. The use of heated humidified high flow oxygen through Airvo devices allows for patients to receive this high level oxygen therapy while in prone position. The addition of these essential pieces of equipment, including the Airvo devices, has allowed our RTs to care for more COVID-19 positive patients with greater comfort. With the use of Airvo devices, patients can now be cared for in alternative units outside of ICU, such as HAU, leaving the ICU beds for more acute needs.

We continue to be amazed and grateful to our donors for enabling us to provide our health care facilities with the equipment they need during this challenging time. Together, we are unstoppable.