Harp Dhillon

member since 2014

“I volunteer on the board of Surrey Hospitals Foundation because I am deeply committed to our community’s well-being. I believe that by collaborating and leading together, we can create a stronger, healthier future for generations to come. My expertise in wealth management and financial stewardship allows me to contribute my skills towards enhancing fundraising and efficiently managing resources to support healthcare initiatives in our community.”

Kristine Bodnark

Senior Manager - Assurance & Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Vice Chair and Treasurer, member since 2015

Larry Thomas

Fire Chief, Surrey Fire Service
Vice Chair,
member since 2006

“I grew up in Surrey, worked in Surrey my entire life, and have great passion for Surrey as a community. I have observed dramatic growth in the city’s population over the past few decades. I give my time to the foundation board of directors because I believe a thriving community must have strong healthcare services and strong healthcare advocates. The foundation provides amazing opportunities to enhance healthcare for Surrey and the residents south of the Fraser river.”

Ron Knight

Owner/Operator, McDonalds Restaurants of Canada
Past Chair,
member since 1999

“I’ve lived in Surrey the majority of my life, graduating from QE in 1971. My four children were born at Surrey Memorial and over the years have experienced care that was noticeably compassionate and caring. When I had the opportunity to join the Board it seemed like a great way to give back and over the years, I’ve been so fortunate to engage with so many amazing healthcare professionals, foundation staff and donors, all committed to making a difference!”

Harry Bains

Member Ex-Officio since 2022

Ralph Berezan

President - Berezan Group,
member since 2008

Martha Cloutier

Executive Director, Surrey Memorial Hospital,
Member Ex-Officio since 2020


Paul Deol

member since 2018


Randeep Gill

Assistant Professor Emergency Medicine, UBC,
member since 2015

David McFarlane

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President for Construction, Ellisdon,
member since 2013

Nancy McNeill

Senior Vice President - Operations, Coast Capital Savings,
member since 2019

Marten Van Huizen

Partner, Field & Marten Associates
Member since 2022

Sonia Virk

Partner, Virk Viyas & Associate Lawyers,
member since 2018

“I am a first generation immigrant and I have mostly lived and worked in Surrey. I have achieved a certain level of success and profile in the community thanks to the people who live south of the Fraser River. Serving on the Board of SHF gives me an opportunity to give back, to support, and to be a voice for the community that has supported me. Through the Foundation, we can provide impactful and much-needed help to our community.”

Jacy Wingson

Lawyer, McQuarrie Hunter
Past Chair,
member since 1997

“I was drawn to volunteer for the Surrey Hospitals Foundation Board during the Children’s Health Centre campaign. I was compelled to do so to ensure that families south of the Fraser River with children who needed hospital care would not also have to bear the burden of significant travel, while still having to attend to the day-to-day needs of the rest of their families.

The Foundation plays a vital role in ensuring that the equipment and programs available for residents are quite simply ‘state of the art’. It is the difference between providing something acceptable and something exceptional, so that Surrey is a leader in the region, in providing care to residents south of the Fraser River. The parallel growth between this region, and the foundation over the years is truly inspirational.”

Committee Members

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