Children's Health Centre

Children needing care in the Fraser Valley deserve our very best. We’re determined to provide it. Together, we will make a difference.

Surrey Hospitals Foundation is working with the community to raise $6 million. Over 95% of our commitment has been raised, so please help us push forward and meet or exceed our goal. This funding will help transform the way our children are treated; new clinics will be added and Neurology, Cardiology & Nephrology (kidney) services are going to be expanded.

Surrey Memorial Hospital has our region’s only children’s emergency department, one of only two in British Columbia, and the only health facility in the Fraser Valley dedicated to children’s health and paediatric emergencies. Since the Centre was built in 2001, Surrey’s population has increased by over 50%, yet the footprint of the Children’s Health Centre has not.


With the support of our donors, we have reached our $6 million goal!

Since transforming the Children’s Health Centre, thousands are now benefiting from:

• A new outdoor play area with engaging activities for children of all ages;

• A bright, renewed space for children receiving cancer treatment in the Joseph Chung Pediatric Oncology Unit;

• A new, dedicated unit for children during pre and post surgery;

• 14 additional rooms modernized for outpatient clinics and expanded services in clinics such as Neurology, Cardiology & Nephrology;

• A whimsical woodland theme throughout, including existing inpatient clinic rooms;

• The introduction of Chip, an augmented reality system created by Microsoft, which will guide and comfort children and families throughout their stay.

Both children and health care are unstoppable. Being in the fastest growing city in Canada, with a booming Family Birthing Unit and 43% of the province’s children in our health authority, providing exceptional health care for children remains a priority.

Stay tuned to learn which future investments Surrey Hospitals Foundation will be making to enhance all pediatric units at Surrey Memorial Hospital.