Children's Health Centre

Children needing care in the Fraser Valley deserve our very best. We’re determined to provide it. Together, we will make a difference.

Surrey Hospitals Foundation is working with the community to raise $6 million. Over 95% of our commitment has been raised, so please help us push forward and meet or exceed our goal. This funding will help transform the way our children are treated; new clinics will be added and Neurology, Cardiology & Nephrology (kidney) services are going to be expanded.

Surrey Memorial Hospital has our region’s only children’s emergency department, one of only two in British Columbia, and the only health facility in the Fraser Valley dedicated to children’s health and paediatric emergencies. Since the Centre was built in 2001, Surrey’s population has increased by over 50%, yet the footprint of the Children’s Health Centre has not.


Did You Know...

• A full 43% of BC’s kids live in the Fraser Health district.

• Surrey Memorial Hospital is home to our region’s only dedicated Children’s Health Centre, providing children with life-saving surgical procedures and cancer programs.

• There are just two paediatric emergency departments in BC, and one of them is right here at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Last year they cared for 46,000 children; that’s like two Rogers Arenas, filled to capacity with kids.

• More than 7,000 were treated in our children’s clinics last year; an additional 2,200 required overnight stays.

• With this transformation of the Children’s Health Centre, new clinics will be added, and other areas, such as Neurology, Cardiology & Nephrology (kidney) will offer expanded services.

A Playground


  • Outdoor play area.


• A bright, renewed space for children receiving cancer treatment.
• A dedicated unit for children during pre and post surgery.

• Fund 14 additional rooms for outpatient clinics and expand services in others, including Neurology, Cardiology & Nephrology (kidney).



phase 3


• Build a comfortable family waiting area with a nourishment centre.

• Provide an augmented reality system created by Microsoft, which will guide, educate and comfort children and families throughout their stay.

• Create a whimsical woodland theme throughout, including existing inpatient clinic rooms.


• Today, 43% of BC’s kids live in the Fraser Health region and while Surrey has grown significantly since 2001, the Children’s Health Centre has not.

• Every year, thousands of local families are forced to miss school and work because they need to travel all the way to Vancouver for medical appointments.

• This renovation means increased capacity to care for more kids, close to home.